Dine for Two at Blacklisted Coffee



Blacklisted rekindles the bittersweet history of coffeehouses in the era of King Charles II, England. Back then, the establishments were deemed a political threat to the country, as they were frequented by groups of people who were discontented with the government and plotting revolt. Despite the King’s oppression, however, clandestine coffee-drinking continued and grew in popularity, setting a trend that has gone on up to the present day.

Every cup of Blacklisted coffee contains a symphony of the various arabica coffee beans, freshly roasted using a specific method that brings out the nutty and fruity sweetness. Roaster and baristas are trained by Saxon Wright, World Barista Championship Head Judge from Australia. 

The marriage of artisan coffee and freshly made food makes Blacklisted a must-visit destination. Try a signature Blacklisted Burger, an awesome stack of Onion Rings, 100% Ground Beef Patty and Beef Bacon topped with melted Mozarella Cheese, served with Coleslaw and Potato Wedges on homemade charcoal bun.

Enjoy a Fokado special signature package for two at Blacklisted Coffee.



Blacklisted Coffee
Mall Puri Indah
Ground Floor Unit 71
Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Jakarta 11610
Phone: (+62 21) 582 3332

Bittersweet symphony of coffee and food
World-class roaster & barista

IDR 400.000